Measuring Peace in Nigeria, 2018

FPP is the producer of Nigeria Peace Index (NPI), an independent research work rating the level of peacefulness in states across Nigeria. Nigeria Peace Index is a national replica of the renowned Global Peace Index (GPI) produced by vision for humanity. The NPI seek to address crisis and violent extremism through peace building lens and by way of providing human centered perspective in which tools for conflict transformation offer alternative solution. The NPI also propose dealing with root causes when preventing violence and utilizing fundamental indicators to change narrative.



Anti-suicide bombing campaign in North East, Nigeria, 2018

FPP carried out anti suicide bombing advocacy in North East Nigeria to limit the effect of terrorist activities in the region. The campaign was to discourage people from suicide bombing activities already popularized by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgency. Our anti suicide campaign materials were distributed in Mosques across North Eastern states of Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa, Yobe as well as Plateau State and Abuja in North Central.


Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2018

FPP mediated a conflict between a civil society organization and a member of the Federal House of Representatives. The civil society organization and the honorable member had strong disagreements on national issues that led to faceoff between supporters of both parties. The crisis quickly escalated and could not be resolved until it was taken to court. However, after more than a year in court and still not be resolved, FPP consider the moment ripe and initiated a mediation process to ensure an out of court settlement. We were able to get both parties to the discussion table and a resolution was agreed in less than a week. The matter was withdrawn from court and both parties won.

Monitoring war against terrorism, 2018

FPP is keenly observing and monitoring the anti-terrorism war in Nigeria, particularly the war against Boko Haram insurgency. The organization release periodic reports on the situation based on observation of the various development at the war front.


Genocide Prevention in Northern Nigeria, 2017

FPP is responsible for the popular anti hate advocacy campaign carried out in 2017 to avert the call for genocide in Northern Nigeria. In August 2017, FPP uncovered a dangerous and inciting hate song calling for genocide against a section of the country in northern Nigeria and we promptly launched an emergency anti hate advocacy to avert the catastrophic response that may occur as a result of the call. Our advocacy quickly gained national prominence, as leaders across the country, including past presidents, governors and ministers all re-echoed our message, in addition to the responses of traditional, religious and socio-cultural organizations. With the aide of all those who re-echoed our messages, which include regional and global organizations such as United Nations, African Union and Ecowas, government was forced to take prompt action and we were able to avert a major crisis in the country. Many analysts have argued that, our intervention in preventing genocide in Northern Nigeria could be equated to averting civil war in the country.



Crisis intervention in Ife and Southern Kaduna, 2017

FPP intervened in the Ife crisis of April 2017, as well as that of Southern Kaduna. Our intervention in Ife, Osun state shaped the public narrative and provided direction for government to take appropriate action to arrest the situation. Similarly, we equally embarked on a fact finding mission to Southern Kaduna, to understand the causes of consistent attack by fulani herdsmen in the area. We also provided relief materials to victims of the attacks living at internally Displaced Persons (IDP) at Kagoro Community.